ART2Team Studios

About us

We are indie VR/AR game development studio and we believe that games should not just be entertainment, they can be sources of knowledge and inspiration. In our game, we combine entertainment and education, so that players can not only learn something new but also enjoy the game.

We believe that introducing educational elements into games can have a positive impact on our world, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating games that not only entertain but also educate. We strive to create games that support learning, expand horizons, and inspire players to new ideas and achievements.

Our game, in which players will assemble world art masterpieces, is perfect for those who love puzzle games and want to learn more about art. We are confident that our game will help many people discover new beauty and knowledge about world art.

Our studio is committed to the values of equality, innovation, and respect for our shared planet. We want to create games that not only help players develop but also improve our world as a whole.